From time to time, and thankfully very rarely, PM Publications is advised of people who do not complete transactions with collectors/traders. We are happy to write to the former, on behalf of the "wronged" party, to try to achieve settlement of a genuine dispute, or to persuade the "guilty" party to make restitution.

When we fail to achieve achieve any response from the subject of the complaint, the circumstances of the case are included in the "Watchdog" feature of Programme Monthly & Football Collectable, and on this Black List section of this Web site.

There follows a list, in alphabetic order, of all those whose complaints to “Watchdog” remain unresolved. Page down, below the list, for details of these complaints.

BAILEY, PHILIP, 16 Bradshaw Avenue, Saltney Ferry, Chester, CH4 0 BE

BAIRSTOW, PAUL, 15 Maryside, Langley, Slough,SL3 7ES

BARKER, JULIAN, 30 Simpson Place,Mexborough, S64 9NR

BIOLETTI, JENNA, 43 Cathnor Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12 9JB

BONNICI, ANTHONY, 74 Cardinal Xiberras Street, Qormu, Qrm 04, Malta

BROAD, ALAN, 54 Deepdale Road,Bolton, BL2 5LR

CARMICHAEL, SONNY, 7 Stapeley Court,Crewe, CW1 3EZ

CASSIDY, CHRISTIAN, Swn Yr Afon, Mold Road, Bodfari, Denbighshire,LL16 4DP

CAWDRON, MR L, 73 Haugh Green, Rawmarsh, Rotherham,S62 7JN

CHOWN, JASON, 42 Burlington Road,Portsmouth, PO2 0DP

EVANS, P.J., 88 The Butts, Frome,BA11 4AF

FISHER, G, 54 Highate Drive, Shipley View, Ilkeston, DE7 9HU

GATE, STAN, formerly of Walker Fosse Programmes, 12 Mead Walk, Walkerdene, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 4HB, last known address 5 Lily Avenue, Bedlington, NE22 5BB

GREEN, PETER, 1003 Leek Road, Hanley, Stoke on Trent

HACKWOOD, Trevor, 66 Uplands Avenue, Rowley Regis, Warley, B65 9PX

HILL, Mr F, 35 Clapham High Street,London SW4

JOHNSTON, IAIN, 30 Kyleakin Road,Arden, Glasgow,G46 8AF

KAUS, BENT, Praestelaengen 19, DK-2000 CopenhagenNV, Denmark

KELLY, TIMOTHY, 4 Belvedere Grove, Bridlington,YO15 3LY or 129 Palmerston Street, Beswick, Manchester M12

KENDALL, CHRIS, 4 Well Yard, Town Street, Holbrook, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0TB

KITCHEN, RONNIE, 12 Flaxton Gardens, Leeds, LS11 6DG

LEE, MARK, 23100 Avenue San Luis, #351, Woodlands Hills, CA91364,USA

LOFLEY, ALISTAIR, 37 North Street, Littleover, Derby, DE23 6BJ

MILNE, SHAUN, 66 Alan Place, Southcote, Reading, RG30 3BW

MITCHELL, D.K., 104 Queens Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 3BQ

NOY, ANDY, 3 Bownlow Road,Lake, Isle of Wight, PO36 8PA

NUTT, Teresa and Matthew, 33 Terregles Road, Summerhill, Dumfries DG2 9HE

RASMUSSEN, BERNADETTE, 0/3, 29 Trafalgar Street, Greenock, PA15 4LZ

READ, A.L., 18 Acer Grove, Preston,PE2 6EZ, also trading as

SPENCER, MARTIN, 51 Selstead Road,WoodhousePark, Wythenshaw, Manchester, M22 1TM

STAJIC, SRDAN, Post Restant, 26000 Pancevo,Serbia

SUTTON, ANDY, 7 The Knolls, Barrowby, Grantham,NG32 1AY

TASKER, PHIL, 369 Whitehall Road West, Cleckheaton, BD19 4EE

TOMLINSON, DAVID, 30 Burnfoot Terrace, Whitley Bay, NE26 2ED

TRUEMAN, STUART, 117 Pleckgate Road, Pleckgate, Blackburn, BB1 8QA

WATSON, David, email address

WEBB, Paul, 4 Greenstead Road, Loughtopn, IG10 3DW

WOOD, M.G., 15 Dunes Avenue, Camber, East Sussex, TN31 7RP

WOOLSTON, DAVID, 56 Harley Road, Great Yarmouth, NR30 4JT

There were details in PM349 of three collectors who had failed to complete purchases of programmes. TERESA NUTT has communicated only by email, her email address is Typically, no postal address was appended to her emails, but we had previously sold an item to MATTHEW NUTT, 33 Terregles Road, Summerhill, Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway DG2 9HE whose ebny id is matthew0100, with a contact email address of

DAVID WATSON would appear to be a Millwall collector, whose email address is

Mr G. Fisher of 54 Highgate Drive, Shipley View, Ilkeston, DE7 9HU would appear to be a Derby County collector.

The September 2006 issue of PM (306) contains details of difficulties collectors are experiencing with allsorts-00 (Timothy Kelly) who “has never had any of the items that he has sold. Therefore all the e-mails that everyone has been receiving from him saying that the goods have been sent, and do you want him to trace the missing item via the post office, etc, etc is all lies. The address in Bridlington (4 Belvedere Grove, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire Y015 3LY) is not his address. However his sister Ann, (and probably his parents) live at this address. We now believe that Kelly himself lives at 129 Palmerston Street, Beswick, Manchester M12”

Fair organiser Paul Bailey writes : “On 20th November 2005, Junction Football Fairs held the East Midlands Football Memorabilia and Programme Fair at Notts County FC, where a collector was seen putting some items in a carrier bag and shortly afterwards walking out of the building without paying for them. The collector was followed outside by the security man and the stallholder whose items they were, and stopped.
“The items were some autographs and programmes. The police were called and the collector admitted to them that he had not paid for the items. The collector has received a caution (number cs/144081/05). The collector is Peter Green of 1003 Leek Road, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, and he will now be refused entry to any future events organised by Junction Football Fairs.”

DAVID WOOLSTON, 56 Harley Road, Great Yarmouth, NR30 4JT has failed to pay up on successful offers, despite several reminders, in at least two instances, to our knowledge.

The following collector has failed to respond to Offers Success Notes, despite several reminders from the seller. He has also failed to reply to correspondence from PM. IAIN JOHNSTON, 30 KYLEAKIN ROAD, ARDEN, GLASGOW, G46 8AF

We wrote to Jason Chown, 42 Burlington Road, Portsmouth, PO2 0DP, on 31st January 2005, asking for his comments on a complaint made by another collector who had traded with him via eBay. To date, we have received no reply from Mr Chown, nor from eBay.

Six letters of complaint were forwarded to CHRIS KENDALL, 4 WELL YARD, TOWN STREET, HOLBROOK, NR. BELPER, DERBYSHIRE, DE56 0TB in March and April 2000. Two remain to be resolved. Three more complaints were forwarded to Mr Kendall on 8th May, relating to cheques banked on 9th March 2000, 11th November 1999 and 22nd June 1999, for which transactions have not been completed by Mr Kendall. A further letter was sent on 20th May regarding an outstanding transaction from January 2000. On 20th June we wrote a further letter to Mr Kendall, concerning five more complaints received about the non delivery of programmes ordered from him. These related to payments made two years ago, October 1999, April 2000, February 1999 and April 2000.

Some of these complaints have now been resolved, but we continue to receive complaints about the non-delivery of programmes from Chris, additional to the twelve outstanding orders advised to him last year by this magazine. Our message to new complainants is that we can do nothing to help them - Mr Kendall has been named in this column every month since May 2000. We are advising all new complainants that they should write, with details, to Philip May, County Public Protection Officer, Derbyshire County Council, Trading Standards Division, Chatsworth Hall, Chesterfield Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3FW. Telephone (01629) 580000, Fax (01629) 585917

In the April 2000 edition of PM (229), we mentioned difficulties experienced by collectors in dealing with MARTIN SPENCER, 51 SELSTEAD ROAD, WOODHOUSE PARK, WYTHENSHAW, MANCHESTER M22 1TM. Since then, Mr Spencer has used another name and a different address in the Greater Manchester area, and was involved in the sale of the Manchester United (v Estudiantes and Copenhagen Select) items highlighted in the November issue of PM (236). One correspondent has advised that "he is now trading on Ebay as martin.spencer and so far has a -2 feedback rating. His email address is He is also on Ebay as georgebestmufc, email address, and manudealer with a different email address."

PAUL TASKER, 369 WHITEHALL ROAD WEST, CLECKHEATON, WEST YORKSHIRE, BD19 4EE received programmes from a collector in October/November 1999 and has not yet paid for them. Mr Tasker also owes money to two dealers, dating from the same period last year. Mr Tasker has also ordered programmes from PM Publications, and failed to pay for them. He ordered and received programmes from another collector in April 2011, and failed to pay for them, despite receiving letters from PM Publications on the creditor’s behalf.

On 27th December 1999, PM wrote on a collector's behalf to CHRISTIAN CASSIDY, SWN YR AFON, MOLD ROAD, BODFARI, DENBIGHSHIRE, LL16 4DP regarding three expensive items which were sent for re-sale, but for which payment was not forthcoming.

ANTHONY BONNICI, 74 Cardinal Xiberras Street, Qormu, Qrm 04, Malta, failed to respond to a letter we sent him on 22nd November 1999, on behalf of a collector who had sent him programmes, but who had not received payment in return.

SHAUN MILNE, 66 Alan Place, Southcote, Reading RG30 3BW, agreed a price for the purchase of a quantity of programmes ; paid half of it, but the other half remainds unpaid after nearly a year, several attempt at contact by the seller,and two letters from PM.

BENT KAUS, Praestelaengen 19, DK-2000 Copenhagen NV, Denmark, received a programme for which he agreed to pay, and despite letters from the seller, and one from PM, neither response nor payments has been forthcoming.

JULIAN BARKER, 30 Simpson Place, Mexborough, South Yorks S64 9NR asked a dealer to obtain programmes on his behalf, for which he would pay. The programmes were aseembled, but despite a number of reminders and a letter from PM, have not been collector nor paid for.

Mr F. HILL of 35 Clapham High Street, London SW4 did not respond to correspondence regarding his failure to omplete a transaction involving an exchange of programmes to the value of ÂŁ300.

MR P.J. EVANS of 88 The Butts, Frome, BA11 4AF, received compensation from Royal Mail for a missing package, but did not pass it on to the person with whom he transaction who suffered the loss. The internet is not the only place that people on PM’s “Black List” can slip back into circulation in the hobby. It can happen in this very magazine too ! In one month’s “Market Place”, we accepted an advertisement for Go West Programmes of 40 Keys Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0HJ. It is believed that this is the address of Gordon Perry, but it has been brought to our attention that Phil Jones is also using this address, and this trading device, as a means of trading in programmes once again. It is believed that Mr Jones currently resides at 31 Bibury Avenue, Stoke Lodge, Patchway, Bristol.

Little progress has been made with regard to the resolution of debts owed by RONNIE KITCHEN, formerly of 12 Flaxton Gardens, Leeds, LS11 6DG. Despite a verbal promise, he has not responded to a letter sent to him some weeks ago, and if such non-communication continues over the next few weeks, the situation will have to be referred outwith the hobby

PAUL BAIRSTOW of 15 Maryside, Langley, Slough, Berks. SL3 7ES failed to respond to a number of letters concerning incomplete transactions.

TREVOR HACKWOOD, 66 Uplands Avenue, Rowley Regis, Warley, West Midlands, B65 9PX failed to respond to letters regarding incomplete transactions. Mr Hackwood at one time was an official of Sandwell F.C.

A couple of dealers have experienced difficulty in obtaining cleared payments from MARK LEE, 23100 Avenue San Luis, #351, Woodlands Hills, CA 91364, USA. In August 2006 a reader emailed as follows : “I notice on your blacklist a couple of dealers have experianced difficulties in receiving payments from a Mark Lee in California, U.S.A. I wonder if your readers are aware Mark Lee sells football memorabillia on E-Bay under the i.d Victoriansoul. I purchased a Baines football card and original packet in January from Mark Lee. I had to send several e--mails before I received the card but no packe. I e-mailed again and he promised to post it on, the packet has never been received and Mark Lee has not answered any further e-mails. Please be wary of buying from this dealer.”

A collector entrusted some photographs to Les Read of Soccer Collectables ( : email, Tel : 0781-2797283) in order that he would obtain signatures from current Everton players. The owner has been unable to contact Mr Read by any of the above means.

An auction house awaits payment of the balance of Ł266.97 from Mr A.L. Reid, Soccer Collectables, 18 Acer Grove, Preston, PR2 6EZ, who we understand is the same Les Read (above). They have been unsuccessful in attempts to contact Mr Read.

A number of collectors are owed money or programmes from Bernadette Rasmussen who can apparently be contacted on 01475 710208 or write to 0/3 29 Trafalgar Street, Greenock, PA15 4LZ

Stuart Trueman, of 117 Pleckgate Road, Pleckgate, Blackburn, Lancs. BB1 8QA, bounced a cheque on PM - for Ł2.50! His cheque bore the name S.P. Trueman. He has not responded to a follow up letter.

Alistair Lofley of 37 North Street, Littleover, Derby, DE23 6BJ defaulted on a successful offer with a dealer, and has not responded to reminders.

Mr L Cawdron, 73 Haugh Green, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, S62 7JN defaulted on a successful offer with a dealer, and has not responded to reminders.

M.G. Wood, 15 Dunes Avenue, Camber, East Sussex, TN31 7RP defaulted on a successful offer with a dealer, and has not responded to reminders.

David Tomlinson, 30 Burnfoot Terrace, Whitley Bay, NE26 2ED defaulted on a successful offer with a dealer, and has not responded to reminders.

Mr D.K. Mitchell, 104 Queens Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 3BQ â?śbounced a chequeâ?ť, and has so far not responded to a letter asking for the matter to be rectified. Similarly, Mr R.P.MAGGS of 69 CRANHAM DRIVE, WARNDON, WORCESTER, WR4 9LX has also â?śbounced a chequeâ?ť, and has not responded to a letter asking for the matter to be rectified.

In issue 259 of PM (October 2002), WALKER FOSSE PROGRAMMES, 12 Mead Walk, Walkerdene, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 4HB, placed a quarter page display advertisement advertising their latest catalogue, and a 2002/3 Newcastle United subscription service. In March 2003, one PM reader ordered a “Ł60 bundle of programmes. After 6 weeks I was told it was stuck at Leeds Sorting Office, for what reason I did not know. After 10 weeks, I was told by Mr Stan Gate that he had got it returned to him and he had despatched it, using a different source. After 13 weeks and still no delivery, I was told it had been sent to Aston Villa in error, and the person at Aston Villa had apparently been contacted and had forwarded it on.

“After four months I was told it wasn't forwarded on as the guy at Aston Villa was in hospital long term and that a new parcel would be forwarded and I should receive it in two days. After 6 months still nothing despite numerous telephone calls. I was then told a full Ł60 refund would be sent. Again nothing. I have send three more letters asking for a refund but no response. I cannot even ‘phone the number now [0191-276-3514] as it is now ‘not recognised and unobtainable'. Walker Fosse also asked people to enrol in their club for an annual fee. I know several people who have done this and never heard back.”

Another PM reader send Stan Gate, described as the proprietor of Walker Fosse Programmes, programmes for which a Ł81 payment had been agreed. “The excuses given included : ‘I've send payment ages ago but my e-mail isn't working any more so I wasn't able to see your e-mails saying that it hadn't arrived’, to ‘I've sent the payment some time ago but I know what's happened now, it's been sent to the wrong address.’ and ‘I can't believe it, it's been sent to the wrong address again, I only found out the person I had sent it to returned it to me,’ and ‘I sent it last week and the cheque was cashed, do you mean you haven't received it ? I'll check it out with the bank in the morning.’ There were many more excuses, including ‘I really do not know where there is a Nat West in Newcastle’ to my suggestion to electronically transfer the funds, and ‘I know the kids at the end of the street set fire to the post box sometimes.’

A third PM reader has sent money for Newcastle United pre-season friendlies this season, and has received none. It is believed that Stan Gate has a programme stall/stance outside St James Park on matchdays - would anyone with current contact details for him please get in touch with PM.

Had we known of Stan Gate's involvement with Walker Fosse Programmes, the advert would not have been accepted. He has appeared in ‘Watchdog’ before, ten years ago, when he was involved in a publication entitled ‘Football Programme Collectors News’, which accepted subscriptions from collectors, but was apparently never published. Needless to say, no refunds were forthcoming.

It is believed that he is an office-bearer of Walker Fosse Football Club, and anyone who has contact with that organisation, or its officers, are asked to have them get in touch with PM, It is understood that the address Walker Fosse Programmes used, 12 MEAD WALK, WALKERDENE, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE6 4HB, is that of Len Syrett, who is believed to be Stan Gate's brother in law.

The last known address for Stan Gate was 5 Lily Avenue, Bedlington, NE22 5BB. He was in the Electoral Roll at that address, at around the same time as the Northern Programme Club was launched, using the same address.

We were asked to contact SONNY CARMICHAEL, 7 STAPELEY COURT, CREWE, CW1 3EZ, by someone who had purchased a programme from him, and had asked for a refund as the item was not as he understood it to be at the time of purchased. Mr/Ms Carmichael has not responded to either of the two letters sent to him by PM, and the matter remains unresolved.

PAUL WEBB, 4 Greenstead Road, Loughton, IG10 3DW, ordered and received items in September 2011 and has failed to pay for them, despite several reminders, and promised to pay.

It happens to us all - within the space of ten days, we at PM suffered three bounced cheques, taking our total for the year to .... three. The two subscribers quickly made good their mistakes, but one advertiser did not. On page A43 of Market Place in December, ANDY NOY of 3 Brownlow Road, Lake, Isle of Wight, PO36 8PA, advertised a number of items on offer, with a deadline date of 20th December. His cheque for Ł13.09 was returned to us, marked “Refer to Drawer”, and we have received no reply from our letter of 16th November.

Several months ago, we advised that we would no longer be accepting advertisements from Srdan Stajic, whose postal address is Post Restant, 26000 Pancevo, Serbia. Having been asked by a number of collectors to intervene, on their behalf, in transactions with Mr Stajic, we had to conclude that we could not anticipate a successful resolution to any disputes involving him.
We did stop short of including him in "Watchdog", as there was no conclusive evidence of wrong-doing, just a succession of "shades of grey" disputes and the absence of any willingness, on his behalf, to resolve them. As recently as 4th April, Mr Stajic was "boasting" of his non-appearance in Watchdog in an email to a British dealer : "It's easy to talk bull**** and have no proof. I'm NOT blacklisted in PM, I'm banned from it because the editor took the side of an English **** in a dispute and that's that. He (the editor) had the announcement in PM but had NEVER said that I cheated anybody. So, lying mother****** **********, who did I cheat in UK ? Give me some names and addresses and the items involved. I think that you and some other people from UK are playing some dirty games against me but you'll fail."
Three days later, PM received a letter from a collector who had sent Mr Stajic 3,000 Euros for one programme, and 1,640 Euros for various other programmes. The first sum was sent by Special Delivery on 6th December last year, and the second by Western Union four days later. Both sums were acknowledged as having been received.
After many emails, and some fairly exotic excuses (computer problems, new tax system in Serbia which meant that everyone, including the Post Office, is adjusting their computers), a package was finally received from Serbia. It contained a bunch of old newspapers - and no programmes. The collector emailed PM : "No doubt he will at some point claim that the programmes were in there when he sent the package, but it clearly had not been tampered with (I have retained everything). I have no doubt that this "gesture" was merely intended to muddy the waters over the transaction."
Around the same time, PM received an email from another collector, who advised that he, and at least another five collectors in the UK, had been commiserating with one another in being victims of Srdan Stajic. "He has collected a substantial amount of money up to mid March and now appears to have done a runner. He has also been selling the same rare programmes multiple times,” wrote the collector
“I paid €963 for some programmes for games played in Serbia and others have spent several thousands of pounds on rare British aways in the former Yugoslavia and not received a thing."
The next email to PM was more hopeful : " In fairness there is still some hope. One of the expectant collectors reports that "Srdan is an odd character, and it’s possible the programmes are on their way, he has done this to me before"
A few days later and hope springs eternal : "Srdan has now made contact with all five people involved (I suspect there may be more) and promised to send the programmes straight away. I am a lot more hopeful now but will keep you informed."
But hold … a day or so later, "I've heard today that two of our number have received special delivery packages with just newspaper inside - no programmes. We had no contact for a number of weeks then an e-mail saying he was away and all the stuff would be sent promptly. Mine has not yet arrived. I've made arrangements with my local police station that they will allow me to open a package there in front of a policeman.
"I have just rung Srdan and he is insisting that there is a conspiracy against him led by yourself [PM]. Needless to say I know this is not the case. If you know of any other potential victims (there are others - he didn't mention names but said there were a few other people) can you please advise if they haven't yet opened a package to bring it to their local police station and have it witnessed. Obviously my programmes may still be inside the package but I don't hold out much hope at this stage."
And now to The Sting. Another e-mail. "Just to confirm I received a sealed package yesterday from Srdan. I brought it unopened to the Police Station and a PC opened it and confirmed it was just recent Serbian newspapers. He kept it as evidence, took a full statement and the matter is now in the hands of the police and a full report will be forwarded to the police in Serbia in due course. I strongly advise everyone else involved with Srdan to do the same, even if you've opened the package already or better still bring it to your local police station unopened
“I subsequently rang Srdan last night and he was toughing it out saying he had proof he sent the stuff, it was my word against his, one particular collector and John Litster have a conspiracy campign against him, but he was clearly taken aback when I said I didn't open the package but that it was opened and retained by an policeman. He recovered well though and said he has the best lawyer in Serbia, not scared of the police, you can contact Interpol if you wish etc etc."
His full contact details : Name: Srdan Stajic ; Address: Cara Dusana 72, Pancevo 26000, Serbia and Montenegro. Mobile number: +381 - 63 - 8673498. Phone number (home): +381 - 13 - 520197. Among his email addresses are ; ;
Any PM readers who have been caught in this manner by Srdan Stajic should contact PM, and I will forward their contact details to the corresponding collector who has placed the matter in the hands of his local police force.

From Serbia to Shepherds Bush. Jenna Bioletti, 43 Cathnor Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12 9JB, placed bids with several advertisers in the March issue of PM, and was successful with many offers. Unfortunately, the cheques she sent were returned by the banks, with the advice that the cheque has been stopped, reported stolen. PM wrote to Ms Bioletti on 18th April, and within a day or so she made contact by telephone, explaining the situation regarding her stolen cheque book, and said that matters would be resolved within a week or so, once she had sorted things out with her bank.
A fortnight later, it was obvious that no such action had been taken, and PM wrote again, on 5th May. On this occasion, there was no response.
In the meantime, one of those affected has contacted her local police force, and PM has spoken with a Detective Constable. His advice is that all those affected should forward details of their debt (approx. date of correspondence, details of items forwarded to Ms Bioletti, and value of the stopped cheque) to :
Hammersmith & Fulham Crime Management Unit, Fulham Police Station, London SW6.

Stuart Trueman, of 117 Pleckgate Road, Pleckgate, Blackburn, Lancs. BB1 8QA, bounced a cheque on PM - for Ł2.50! His cheque bore the name “S.P. Trueman”. He has not responded to a follow up letter.

We wrote to Philip Bailey, 16 Bradshaw Avenue, Saltney Ferry, Chester, CH4 0BE at that address on 13th August 2010, asking for his response to a letter we received from another collector, which stated : “He agreed to sell some Chester programmes for me on a commission basis. I have never received a penny. A County Court Judgement did not produce a single penny and now an Interim Charging Order on his house has been obtained. Phil Bailey has told the bailiffs that he is not Phil Bailey and that he doesn’t live at 16 Bradshaw Avenue. Phil Bailey has loads of County Court Judgements and Charging Orders against his name.” Chester County Court has also confirmed that the property at that address is registered at HM Land Registry under Mr Bailey’s name. Mr Bailey has been trading on ebay until the name 1959poshboy. This matter was reported in PM358, and there was further information included in PM359.


(from the November 2000 edition of Programme Monthly & Football Collectable, issue 236)


It is thought that there are three versions on the market today. The original, printed in July 1966, has a front cover background of “Chelsea” blue, and on the back page the stripe on the Cadets Cigarette box is scarlet in colour.

The 1970 reprint has a distinct lilac tinge to the front cover background, and the Cadets stripe is coloured tangerine. On page 2, the two-tone (Player's) No.6 logo boxes on the cigarette advert are virtually mono-tone, both halves being almost indistinguishable, whereas on the original they are clearly light and dark grey.

The 1999 Reproduction is marked as such, overprinted “Reprinted 1999” on the lower right hand corner of the back page, printed black on the white margin. Unfortunately, this can be rubbed of, although tell-tale signs sometimes remain. This is a far better reproduction than the 1970 version, and the only distinguishing feature is that the dark blue on the front cover union jack is more navy than the original, ie blacker.

The other tell-tale sign is the age and colouration of the paper. No matter how well kept the 1966 original has been, the paper is now showing signs of slight yellowing, with gradation in colour in particular around the edges of some of the internal pages.

A prominent dealer bought a number of items from an individual in Manchester, which were then sold on. Some of them appeared to be quite genuine, but two were identified as being modern reproductions. Those two items are reproduced on page 33 of this month's magazine.

The first is a single teamsheet for the Copenhagen XI v Manchester United friendly match on 23rd May 1957 ; the second a match ticket for the1968 World Club Championship match between Estudiantes and Manchester United, in Argentina.

Both items have been folded and creased several times, with an element of staining on the yellow/light brown paper. The ticket has a red “President” stamp on it. In bad light, or on hasty inspection, they may well be passed off as genuine.

It is only on closer inspection, and following the sowing of seeds of doubt by other observers, that their true nature becomes apparent.

More experienced collectors than this writer, who have had more than a passing acquaintance with antique programmes, will be better qualified to describe the look-and-feel of 30-plus year old documents. Moreover, amongst our readership are experts in paper restoration.

Notwithstanding greater skills, we will press on with some of the points to look out for. The 43 year old programme, despite its folds, creases and stains, is on paper that has retained its thickness and its sharp edges. One would expect dampness from the atmosphere to have softened the former effect, and repeated handling to take away the latter. There is no watermark on the paper, which one would normally expect on 43 tear old paper of this thickness.

Crucially, the text is badly broken across the numerous folds and creases. This is symptomatic of the text being put on the paper by a modern laser printer ; ink does not break up to the same extent. Similarly, there is no indentation of text. Offset litho was still in its infancy in 1957 - although not unknown - but conversely you cannot fake the genuine look and feel of letterpress printing.

The ticket is on thinner paper, but again has no water-mark, has sharp edges and the print is badly broken along the creases. Several items of text - “Periodisimo Ingles” against the word “Diario” and seat, row, block etc. numbers would surely have been applied to the original document by typewriter, which would have had a distinctive look, and the tell-tale indentation apparent on the reverse side of the ticket. None of these aspects were present.
John Litster's
Programme Pound Shop