A computer program to assist football programme collectors to organise their collections.

The program is similar in appearance and operation to a Microsoft Access Database.   The data capture view is of a series of windows, some of them with drop-down options.     Data can also be captured, or more usefully, imported, in the grid view, with compatibility to spreadsheets.

The input fields can be manipulated to suit the requirements of the user.    They can be re-named, re-categorised (to include text, numbers or sterling) and re-ordered in terms of viewing and data capture.

As an example, the default field names are : Home Team ; Away Team ; Venue ; Competition ; Condition ; Style ; Size ; Date ; Season ; Cover Price ; File No. ; Acquired ; at price ; Price paid ; Source ; Pages ; various Spare fields, and Notes.

Once the data is entered, it can be interrogated and manipulated.  The entire database can be sorted alphabetically by any field.   There are Quick and Full Select facilities to search the database and report on specified criteria.   These reports can be printed, or exported.

The database is perfect for identifying “wants”, “duplicates” and for cataloguing sizeable collections.  There is no upper limit to the number of entries.

The Database comes on a CD Rom and will run on any Windows-based PC.

If you prefer (or do not have a CD Rom on your computer) the down-loadable package may be emailed to you.

It is available for £22 (UK postage paid) from PM Publications, 38 Lowther Road, Norwich, NR4 6QW.   Cheques payable to J. Litster please.
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If you have specific requirements or questions about the database’s suitability for your need, please email John Litster on with a note of your specific query or telephone 01603 449237.

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