VERSION 7 NOW AVAILABLE (1646-47 to 2017-18)

What's New ?    2012/13 and 2017/18 statistics, representative match appearances, more career details and notified errors corrected and many other statistics (notably dates of birth) added to existing records.

New features : Scottish Schools, Youth and Amateur Youth Caps.  BP/SFA Youth Cup finalists.   Scotland squad/reserve details up to mid 1970s.  Greatly enhanced Junior/Non League career information, including Junior Scotland appearances.  Every League club player's managers, cross-referenced.

For every player, with every Scottish League club, for every season from 1946/47 to 2017/18 inclusive, the following information, line-by-line, season by season :

Appearances, goals and substitute appearances in the Scottish League, Scottish League Cup, Scottish Cup, European Competitions, and all other major first team competitions (eg Texaco, Anglo Scottish, Spring Cup, B Division Supplementary Cup, Coronation Cup, European Super Cup, Challenge Cup, Summer Cup, etc etc, but excluding local cups.)   Included are details of representative match appearances at Scotland full, B, Under 21/23, Scottish League and International trial match levels, Schools and Youth internationals.

Where possible, date of birth, date of signing (plus previous club), height, weight and playing position are given, and it is possible to chart each player’s contribution to their clubs’ League positions and the latter stages of cup competitions.

If printed, this information would fill 4,000 pages, therefore it is only available in digital form, in Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet format (readable on all spreadsheet platforms)

It can be supplied on CD Rom, USB memory stick, or via Dropbox 

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