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Clubs beginning with U and V are listed below.   For other clubs, click on the first initial 
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U.S.A. Under 21 at MILLWALL 20/01/1993 A4 teamsheet, centre fold [t] 

U.W.I.C. at LLANELLI 18/10/03   

UCD at SHAMROCK ROVERS 03/11/1996 Lge of Ireland Prem Div. £2 

UCL Select at MAPLE ALBION 08/08/80s at Corby Gainsborough 

UCW Aberystwyth at VALE OF ARROW 31/01/1993 Mid Wales League £2 

UDINESE v Chelsea ? handwritten teamsheet, photocopied A4

UEFA CUP FINAL - ESPANYOL v SEVILLE 16/5/2007 at Hampden £7

UEFA YOUTH TOURNAMENT - SCOTLAND   May 1970 Tournament programme £3

UEFA Youth Tournament in Scotland, May 1970, Official programme £2    

UEFA YOUTH TOURNAMENT SCOTLAND May 1970 Tournament programme £3

UEFA Youth Tournament, printed team sheet for 3rd/4th place play off and final at Tottenham, 22/05/83, England, Czechoslovakia,France and Italy  ENGLAND YOUTH Blue version £2  

UEFA Youth Tournament, printed team sheet for 3rd/4th place play off and final at Tottenham, 22/05/83, England, Czechoslovakia, France and Italy  ENGLAND YOUTH Orange version £2  

UEFA Youth Tournament, printed team sheet for 3rd/4th place play off and final at Tottenham, 22/05/83, England, Czechoslovakia, France andItaly  ENGLAND YOUTH Pink version £2  

Ujpest Dozsa at LEEDS UNITED 05/03/1969 ICFC semi final, smoc £2 

Ukraine atENGLAND UNDER 21 17/08/2004 at Middlesbrough £2 

Unam at SHELBOURNE 09/08/1991'  

UNIA TARNOW v LKS Lodz early 70s Polish League, smoc £3

Union Olimpija (Slovenia) at Partizan Mobtel (Belgrade) 08/01/04 4 pages, Euroleague BASKETBALL 

Union Olimpija (Slovenia) at Partizan Mobtel (Belgrade) 08/01/04 4 pages, Euroleague BASKETBALL  

Unirea Urziceni at LIVERPOOL 18/02/10 UEFA £2 

UNITED STATES YOUTH v Tournament Finals 1985 Youth Finals £3

Universitatea Craiova at LEEDS UNITED 07/11/1979 UEFA Cup Round 2 2nd leg £2 

UNIVERSITATEA CRAIOVA v Leeds United 24/10/1979 UEFA 2-1 £4

University College Dublin at SHELBOURNE 30/10/1983  

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN v Liverpool 16/05/95 Centenary Match £3, large brochure

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN v Waterford 11/01/1981 

University of Ulster at Jordan at ARMAGH CITY 10/02/1990 Irish League B Division 

University of Ulster at LINFIELD 15/10/88 Cup 

Upwell Town All Stars at WEST END '1988/89 Sunday morning Friendly match £2 

UPWELL TOWN ALL STARS v Wisbech Town Supp. Club20/11/1988 Friendly

Uruguay at SCOTLAND 02/05/62 £8 

Uruguay at SCOTLAND 21/09/1983 sl marks on cover 

USA at CANADA 10/07/83 Pan Am Games £2 

USA at SCOTLAND UNDER 21 17/09/1978  

USA at SCOTLAND UNDER 21 17/09/1978 at Pittodrie 

USA v Scotland 26/05/90 includes team sheet, £28

USK v Wimbledon 01/08/1984 Friendly £2

USSR at ARGENTINA 23/05/1991 at Old Trafford 

USSR at BELGIUM 22/05/1966 Friendly International, smoc £5 

USSR at ENGLAND 02/06/1984  

USSR at ENGLAND 18/06/88 Euro 88 Finals in Frankfurt £9 

USSR at ENGLAND 22/10/58 spine part cello, fold £1 

USSR at WALES 27/10/1965 £5 

USSR at WALES 30/05/1981' at Wrexham 

USSR v Eire 16/10/1985 World Cup qualifier, Four page programme in very good condition, although result (2-0) stencilled in on front page £5

USSR Veterans at CORINTHIAN CASUALS 08/12/1991 at Basingstoke Town 

UT Arad at TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 21/03/1972 UEFA Cup Q Final 2nd leg, fold £2 

Utrecht at NORWICH CITY 02/08/03 Friendly 

Utrecht at NORWICH CITY 02/08/2003  

Utrecht atSOUTHAMPTON 10/08/2002 £2 * 

UTRECHT FC v Roda JC 0'4/03/1990 Dutch League £2

Uxbridge at ALDERSHOT TOWN 02/12/95  

Uxbridge at ALDERSHOT TOWN 17/12/94  

Uxbridge at ALDERSHOT TOWN 25/01/97  

Uxbridge at BILLERICAY TOWN 21/02/1998  

Uxbridge at DORKING 04/01/92  

Uxbridge at HENDON 20/11/1990 Middx Charity Cup 

Uxbridge at MOLESEY 15/02/80s  

Uxbridge at MOLESEY 16/03/85  

Uxbridge at WEMBLEY FC 20/03/1990 Middx. Charity Cup 

UXBRIDGE v Aldershot Town 03/09/94 

UXBRIDGE v Bromley 14/09/85 

UXBRIDGE v Dorking 08/10/1966 Athenian League, smoc £2

UXBRIDGE v Edgware 03/02/1987 Middx. Charity Cup

UXBRIDGE v Enfield 23/01/1990 Middx Sen. Cup

UXBRIDGE v Feltham 30/12/1978 Middx Sen Cup

UXBRIDGE v Kingsbury Town 25/10/86 

UXBRIDGE v Staines Town 12/03/1988 Middx Sen Cup s/f

UXBRIDGE v Staines Town 28/02/95 Middx Sen Cup £2*

UXBRIDGE v Wembley 05/12/1989 Middx Sen. Cup

Vaduz at LIVINGSTON 29/08/02 UEFA Cup £2 

VAIS v Luton Town 27/07/early 80s Friendly, s/s

VALE OF ARROW v UCW Aberystwyth31/01/1993 Mid Wales League £2

Vale of Clyde at CAMBUSLANG RANGERS 25/3/2017  

Vale of Leithen at COWDENBEATH 10/12/1983 SC1 

Vale of Leithen at RAITH ROVERS 31/01/1987 SC3 

VALE OF LEITHEN v Brechin City 05/12/1987' SC £2

Vale of Leven at CAMBUSLANG RANGERS 13/2/2016  

Vale of Leven at CAMBUSLANG RANGERS '84/5  

Valencia at CHELSEA 11/12/07 CL £2 

Valencia atLEEDS UNITED 25/07/2004 £2 * 

Valencia at LIVERPOOL 09/08/03 Friendly £2 

Valencia at MALAGA 21/11/2004 La Liga £3 

Valencia at MANCHESTER CITY 04/08/07 Friendly 

Valencia at MANCHESTER UNITED 15/09/1982 UEFA 1-1 

Valencia at NOTTINGHAM FOREST04/10/61 ICFC fold £4 

Valencia at RANGERS 07/11/1979' ECWC 

Valencia at STOKE CITY 28/07/04 Friendly joint issue 

Valencia at STOKE CITY 28/07/04 joint issue 

VALENCIA v Real Mallorca 16/09/00 £2

Valetta at LEEDS UNITED 03/10/1979 UEFA Cup Round 1 2nd leg £2 

Valur at ASTON VILLA 16/09/1981 EC £2 

Vancouver Whitecaps at SOUTHAMPTON 11/03/80 tc 

VANCOUVER WHITECAPS v Chicago Sting 23/09/1984 Play off match

VANERSBORGS IF v Sheffield United 29/07/1984 Friendly £2

VARMBOLS GOIF v Wimbledon 02/08/1984 Friendly £2

VARMBOLS GoIF v Wimbledon 02/08/84 Friendly £4

Varna Select XI at NOTTINGHAM FOREST 13/08/1966 Friendly, fold £2 

Vasas Budapest at SUNDERLAND 03/10/1973 ECWC Rd 1 2nd leg £3 

VASBY IK v Luton Town 26/07/1984 Friendly £2

VASTERAS IFK v Watford 04/08/1986 Friendly £2

VAUXHALL MOTORS (Luton) v Luton Town 21/10/1985 Floodlight opening

Vauxhall Motors at ALTRINCHAM 17/02/04  

Vauxhall Motors at ALTRINCHAM 24/02/04  

Vauxhall Motors at BOSTON UNITED 10/11/07 £2 

Vauxhall Motors at BURY 13/11/04 FAC £2 

Vauxhall Motors at GUISELEY 28/10/12 £2 

Vauxhall Motors at KIDDERMINSTER HARRIERS 16/12/06 FAT    

Vauxhall Motors at KIDDERMINSTER HARRIERS 27/10/07 FAC  

Vauxhall Motors at LEIGH RMI 24/02/06  

Vauxhall Motors at LETCHWORTH TOWN 03/03/56 awful condition £1 

Vauxhall Motors at NORTHAMPTON SPENCER 27/11/1976  

Vauxhall Motors at STALYBRIDGE CELTIC 22/09/12 FAC 

Vauxhall Motors at STALYBRIDGE CELTIC 22/09/12 FAC 

Vauxhall Motors at WORCESTER CITY 25/02/08  

VAUXHALL MOTORS v Ashton United 01/10/2002 £2

VAUXHALL MOTORS v Aveley 11/04/88 

VAUXHALL MOTORS v Chester City 17/08/02 Friendly

VAUXHALL MOTORS v Hornchurch Sept 89 

VAUXHALL MOTORS v Queens Park Rangers 16/11/2002 FA Cup Round 1 £2

Vejle  at HUDDERSFIELD TOWN 01/12/1969 no staples, fold 

Vejle BK at KOGE 28/10/1973 Danish League, smoc £3 

VEJLE v B 1901 25/05/1972 Danish League, smoc £3

VEJLE v B1909 21/08/1972 Danish League, smoc £3

VEJLE v Norwich City 07/08/1984 Friendly £2

Ventspils at ABERDEEN 14/7/2016 Europa League £2 

VERONA v Cremonese 25/02/1987 4 page tabloid newspaper style, folded twice, very good condition.  Serie A  £2

VfB STUTTGART v Chelsea 25/02/2004 OFFICIAL UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PRESS PACK : laminated folders containing press sheets, stats, squad details etc. £3

Vickerstown at HESKETH BANK 23/02/08  

Victoria Athletic at DORMERS 01/01/1901 Hayes & Dist. Sunday Lge. Cup, at Hayes Sports Stadium 

Viikingit (Finland) at ATLANTIS (Finland) 06/07/05 Finnish League 

Viking Greenford at AFC WIMBLEDON 19/04/03 1st season £2 

Viking Panthers (Driffield) at BRIDLINGTON TOWN 16/09/1995 Driffield League Prem. Div. 

Viking Sports at HOUNSLOW 04/04/87 LC sf 

Viking Sports at SWINDON SUPERMARINE 04/05/1987 Hellenic Lge 

Viking Stavanger atABERDEEN 08/09/2015 Friendly £2 

VIKING STAVANGER v Borussia Monchengladbach 03/10/79 UEFA Cup £3

Viktoria Plzen at LUDOGERETS17/8/2016 Champions League £2 

Viktoria Zizkov at CHELSEA 15/09/1994 ECWC   £2 

Viktoria Zizkov at RANGERS 03/10/2002 TICKET Govan Front 

Viktoria Zizkov at SPARTA PRAGUE 09/12/1998 Czech League £2 

VIKTORIA ZIZKOV v Marila Pribram 02/11/2003 £2

Villareal at TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 29/07/10 Friendly £3 

VINCENZ v Chelsea ? A4 photocopied teamsheet

Vitesse Arnhem at NORWICH CITY 03/08/07 Friendly 

Vitkovice at INTER SLOVNAFT ZTS 24/10/87 Czech League 

VITKOVICE v Platika Nitra 1987 Czech League

VITKOVICE v Sigma Olomouc 1987 

Vorskla Poltava at KIEV DYNAMO 11/3/2006 Ukrainian Premier League very good condition apart from slight damage to right hand edge of a few pages [hp] 

VS Rugby at ASHFORD TOWN 07/10/89  

VS Rugby at BIRMINGHAM CITY 13/04/92 Birmingham County Senior Cup Final at The Hawthorns 

VS Rugby at BURTON ALBION 08/02/1992  

VS Rugby at DORCHESTER TOWN 15/12/1990  

VS Rugby at NORTHAMPTON TOWN 17/11/1984 FACR1 very good condition with clean vertical fold £2

VS Rugby at SUTTON COLDFIELD TOWN 01/01/1986  

VS Rugby at WEALDSTONE 18/03/1992'  

VS Rugby at WEALDSTONE 18/08/1990' last season at Lower Mead 

VS RUGBY v Alvechurch 29/09/84 FAC

VS RUGBY v Brentford 13/11/1993 FAC £2

VS RUGBY v Crawley Town 21/10/89 

VS RUGBY v Leicester United 27/08/1984 

VTJ Tabor at SKODA PKZEN 87/8 Czech League 

VUC The Hague at FOLKESTONE 05/08/1969' no staples, foxing to cover   

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